Our Story

How it all started...

Grace. Hope. Jesus. Starting with their family of four, Dan and Amber Adams stepped out in faith to create a church that would be passionately focused on Jesus and His love for the world. Dan was sent out as a church planter by Chets Creek Church and built the launch team for RiverTown while on staff at Chets.

Our church launched in the fall of 2007 at Jacksonville Country Day School in Jacksonville’s Southside. From the beginning, we have wanted to be a generous church. We decided to change the world, before we acquired our first permanent home. Our mantra was that we would build the kingdom before we built our castle. In keeping with this vision, we started All Things New Orphanage in Haiti while still a mobile church renting meeting space at a school. We have had the privilege of sending out some of our best staff members as missionaries ... all for Jesus.

Expanding the vision...

Over the years, God has grown our church east towards the intracoastal and beach community. God has shown our church that it is impossible to "outgive" Him by providing our church home here on San Pablo. in 2019. Together, as one church, we are “striving side by side for the faith of the gospel” (Phil. 1:27).

From the San Pablo River to the St. John's, 
we are here for the good of our town ... this River City.

Where we are headed...

We as a church are here for the good of our town and world. 
We will be a church that loves our neighbors ... and the nations of the world.
We will be a church that builds the kingdom, not just its own castle.

We will be a church that is passionately focused on Jesus.
We will be a church that is Christ-centered in everything.
We will be a church that worships God gladly and makes disciples globally.  

We are here for us. We are a family.
We are here for them. We are here for those not here yet.
We are here for Him. All for Jesus.

Become a part of our story...

Join us this Sunday at 10:30a for our weekly worship gathering.
We are excited to be bringing new life to our recently acquired church campus.

We are doing this for many in our community will find new life in Jesus.
Click here to plan your next visit.